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Change machines are perhaps most commonly found in amusement arcades and car parks, but they are also extremely useful for many other businesses and public sites. Train stations, bus stations supermarkets and shopping centres are all good examples of locations that can benefit from the addition of change machines. Kashing's cashless payment solutions can increase your revenue by allowing these machines to accept credit, debit and mobile payments. 

You will be spending less time on counting cash, dealing with jammed coin mechanisms and customers queuing for change by simply adding the convenience of cashless payments to your machines.Theft and careless cash handling could also be a thing of the past.

Transform your operation with cashless payments

The old saying, cash is king, has become less and less relevant in recent years. The king is dead. The convenience and simplicity of a card payment means that consumers are using their cards for small and routine purchases, particularly those at unattended kiosks, vending or self-service payments settings.

  1. Dynamic price configurations
  2. Remote monitoring and management
  3. Wide choice of integration options
  4. Plug and play support for most common vending systems
  5. Easy wiring, fitting and installation ideal for retro fitting
  6. Support for most popular payment cards including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  7. Incorporates stringent security standards to protect sensitive customer information.
  1. Capitalise on consumer behavior and increase sales.
  2. Plan and spend less on cash management and collections.
  3. Don't miss on opportunity and impulse sales.
  4. Revitalise your asset life and future proof your business.
  5. Insight into your business and learn how your customers behave.
  6. Lets customers enjoy rewards and loyalty benefits.

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