16 September - James Luck

Latest Contactless Technology for Hospitality.

Latest  Contactless Technology for Hospitality.

Here at Kashing we have been quietly working on the return to the full opening of the pub and hospitality venues.
We launched a new telemetry platform ,which is the most advanced in the industry, three months ago. The ‘Kurvey Double’ ™  is suitable for Vending machines of all varieties - but can also be put to use on EV chargers, Automated Car forecourt machines, and a raft of amusement based equipment.
The take up of this product has been brilliant - but we have still looked to innovate further. So we are proud to bring you the first sight of our ground breaking ‘Kurvey Hub’ ™  which is a contactless reader and multiple selector device in one ,connecting to the remote ‘Kurvey Radio’ ™ receivers in the machines to be using the system.

Key Points : 
a) When Installed onto a suitable wall with 13 amp socket - the Kurvey Hub connects to up to x8 remote machines within the venue. 
b) Your customers can pay contactlessly on any machine connected to the Hub from the one screen. 
c) Each remote connected machine can have its own price of play.
d) Each machine can be uniquely named and displayed on the screen - Pool 1/2, Egg vend machine, Jukebox - so customers know what they are paying / playing for/on. 
e) The Kurvey Hub uses an RF signal to send their authorised payment to the Radio Board receiver in the remote machine. This can operate at a distance of up to 25 metres.
The Kurvey Radio unit uses little power - so can be installed in a kiddy Ride or Pool Table without a power socket as it has minimal battery usage. 
Kurvey Radio unit can illuminate a button to show credit has ‘arrived’ - ‘push to start’.
The Kurvey Hub comes with internal transformer or a slightly cheaper USB power version and a Kurvey Radio credit unit needs to be fitted to each connected machine ( up to x 8 machines can be supported on the one ‘ Kurvey Hub’)

See the operation of the equipment on this video.


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